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Local News - Human Interest Stories

My work as a writer spans many subjects and reflects my experience in business and in the military. My focus is on local human interest stories in the Anderson and Abbeville County area.  We are a young company and focused on providing the kind of stories local newspaper editors need. Check out my clippings, and get in touch directly if you have any questions.

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The Full Story

ILS Group, LLC is a very young company located in the Honea Path, SC area. Our goal is to provided syndicated human interest articles for local newspapers. Our focus in on church and civic events, and local sports event. Our articles have been published in the Belton-Honea Path News-Chronicle, the Observer of Ware Shoals and the Greenwood Index Journal

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What We Cover

Church and Civic Events

Selah House Dedication

Local pastors led a dedication of the Selah House, a recovery home in Honea Path.

Local churches and civic organizations do a great deal in support of the community. We want to get the word out.

Business Community

Small Business conference in Columbia, SC

Honea Path businessman Steve Watkins, left, speaks with Scott Bellows, procurement consultant with the S.C. Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC).

We cover business events of interest to the local business community. 


Get to Know Us



Sam Gilmer has been the sports photographer for the Belton-Honea Path News-Chronicle since 2015. In addition to sports, Sam does general news photography and is especially good with children. He is a member of the Belton Honea Path High School Class of 2019 and is the BHP yearbook sports editor.  

School Events

We cover sporting and other events at local schools and colleges.



Deb Tucker has enjoyed many careers. In 2018, she decided to become a freelance journalist. She served in the US Air Force as a military attorney. She worked in the aerospace industry in contracts and purchasing. She has traveled extensively and was even in Israel during the Yom Kippur war in 1973. And now she is enjoying the small town life. Her articles have been published in the Belton-Honea Path News-Chronicle, the Ware Shoals Observer, and the Greenwood Index-Journal.

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PO Box 365, Due West, SC 29639, USA

Call or text us at (864) 729-3039

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